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通过近十年的开拓进取,ag真人百家家乐平台积累了丰富的工艺专有技术和工程业绩,汇聚了许多该行业领域的优秀人才,具备了满足各专业的施工资质。在与各优秀企业、研究院所、高新科技企业合作中,ag真人百家家乐平台成为了年轻的知识型企业,提炼出“求实创新、优质高效” 的核心价值观。着眼未来,ag真人百家家乐平台创立了品牌,坚定走向多元化发展的兴业之路。



Hubei Xianglong Chemical Equipment Engineering Co., referred to as the "dragon machine", was founded in 2007, is a modern enterprise management system engineering installation services company. We focus on the biological, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, fine chemical, electronic, food, cosmetic, health / pesticide, environmental protection and other industries, mainly engaged in metal structure, non-standard equipment production and installation; installation process piping and electrical instruments; mechanical equipment maintenance and spare parts processing, anti-corrosion insulation installation engineering.

Through nearly ten years of pioneering spirit, Xianglong machine has accumulated rich technical know-how and project performance, brought together many of the outstanding talents in the field of industry, have to meet the professional construction qualification. With the outstanding enterprises, research institutes, high-tech enterprises cooperation, Xianglong machine has become a knowledge-based enterprise young, refine the core value of "innovation, quality and efficient" concept. Focus on the future, Xianglong machine created the brand firmly toward the diversified development of the industrial road.

Xianglong machine has a number of high-quality management personnel and experienced construction personnel, including senior engineer, engineer, quality assurance process, material, welding, inspection, physicochemical, thermal processing, equipment and other professional personnel, welder, electrician, plumber, crane and other special types of workers. The company has a complete system of quality assurance, perfect management standard and complete processing equipment. In the field of engineering performance, it has provided engineering services for the well-known chemical pharmaceutical enterprises in China and received good praise from the construction units.

Companies adhere to the "truth-seeking innovation, quality and efficiency" business philosophy, and create "quality is the life of enterprises" purpose, in accordance with the quality and efficiency management mode, constantly improve and strive for excellence, so that enterprises healthy and rapid development.