ag真人百家家乐平台Company development process



Ø 公司合作、创新、成效”的ag真人百家家乐平台;

Ø 公司强调团队精神,追求卓越的成效和贡献,鼓励变革与创新,倡导保护ag真人百家家乐平台的地球。

Ø 工作的三个层次做好领导安排的事做好该做的事做好想做的事

Ø “7S”管理:

整理: 要与不要  一留一弃---区分物品的用途,清理不要的东西。

整顿: 科学布局  取用快捷---必需品分区放置,明确标识,方便使用。

清扫: 清除垃圾  美化环境---清洁清扫坚持做,亮丽环境真不错。

清洁: 维持前3S成果 制度化 规范化---清除垃圾和脏物,放置污染的发生。

节约: 节约为荣  浪费为耻----勤俭节约,爱护公物,以厂为家,共同发展。

安全: 防微杜渐  警钟长鸣----确保安全生产, 关爱生命,以人为本。

素养: 形成制度  养成习惯----养成良好习惯,提高整体素质

Ø 公司的质量方针:









Ø 公司的质量管理目标:


① 产品100%符合国家行业标准

② 产品质量合格率95%

③ 产品一次交验合格率≥95%

④ 顾客满意≥90%

⑤ 提升质量意识全员培训覆盖率100%。


Ø The management concept of "cooperation, innovation and effectiveness" of the company;

Ø The company emphasizes team spirit, seeks outstanding achievements and contributions, encourages change and innovation, and advocates the protection     of our planet.

Ø Three levels of work: do a good job of leadership, do the things well, do what you want to do.

Ø "7S" management:

Tidy up: do not leave one with one another - distinguish the use of the goods and clean up the things that do not do.

Rectification: the scientific layout is used quickly - the necessities are placed in the zoning, clearly marked and easy to use.

Clean up: clean up the environment of garbage beautification - clean cleaning insist on doing, beautiful environment is really good.

Cleanliness: institutionalization of 3S achievements before the maintenance of waste and dirt, and the occurrence of pollution.

Saving: saving for honor and waste is shameful - - diligent and frugal saving, love the public property, the factory as the home, the common development.

Safety: - ensure production safety alarm check erroneous ideas at the outset, love life, people-oriented.

Accomplishment: forming the habit of forming the system - forming good habits and improving the overall quality

Ø The quality policy of the company:

Continuously improve the management level; continuously improve the quality of products;

Always meet the requirements of the customers and strive to achieve better benefits.

Quality policy connotation:

constantly improve the level of management: the external environment is changing, increasingly fierce market competition, customer requirements continue to improve, only continue to reduce costs, improve quality, to win the market, benefit, management and control of cost and quality mainly depends on the system, in order to survive, we must constantly improve the level of management.

continues to improve the quality of the product: the market has changed faster and faster, and the demand for customers is getting higher and higher. The negative maintenance of quality is a retrogression and will be eliminated, so the quality of the product must be continuously improved.

always meet customer requirements: the market matures, an enterprise wants to maintain sustainable development, relying on the market is far from enough, customer loyalty has become more and more important, to hold on to the original market, we must always meet customer requirements, not only good service and pre-sale, but also must monitor customer satisfaction good service, customer service, and the quality of products and services.

strives to get better results: enterprises can't survive without benefits, and all efforts are meaningless. The ultimate goal of quality management is to win customers' trust and make the company achieve greater benefits.


Ø The company's quality management objectives:

Quality objectives and indicators:

product 100% conforms to the national standard

The qualified rate of product quality is 95%

The products of the first acceptance rate is more than 95%

Customer satisfaction rate is more than 90%

Improve the awareness of quality, the overall training coverage rate of 100%.